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An important part of our salon - Penny Black Organic Hair and Spa is to help the environment around us. To improve and progress in a positive way. We are continuing to learn each day, and with that are so proud and honoured to be a partner with a sensational Australian organisation called Carbon Neutral. As part of their PLANT-A-TREE PROGRAM. This is something the team is immensely passionate about and here is just a touch on why. 

What is Carbon Neutral? It is an environmentally aware organisation. They work with Individuals, groups, and businesses to minimise the impact we all have on the environment. They achieve this by working with them to improve, measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. 

Last Summer Australia lost over 18 Million hectares of habitat to bushfires. Before the fires Australia had some of the highest deforestation levels in the World. Our reserves are a critical refuge to the native species who often have nowhere else to go. 

They are extremely passionate about our native Australian landscape and have now planted over 29+ million trees so far.

This and so many more reasons, is why we choose to be apart of such an important organisation.



The Orangutan Project funds orangutan rescue teams in Sumatra and Borneo that are highly trained and skilled at relocating. Penny Black has donated over $2,000 to The Orangutan Project and continue to contribute monthly.